Classic Shaving Set in Chrome-Ivory

2 reviews
  • Professional Shaving set
  • Designed by our Shaving Specialists
  • Solid Chrome & Ivory Colour
  • Double Edged Razor
  • Badger Bristle Brush
  • Chrome Display Stand
  • Free Shipping

Introducing our Professional Shaving Set, expertly crafted by our team of Shaving Experts. The set features a sleek Chrome and Ivory colour design, and includes a double-edged safety razor - a timeless classic originally designed in the 1890s, and still the preferred choice of shaving enthusiasts today. The razor boasts a flat stainless steel blade, sharpened on both edges for precise and effortless shaving, while its well-weighted handle offers a comfortable grip for optimal control.

To complement the razor, we've included our premium Badger Bristle Brush, for its superior quality and ability to create a rich lather with our Classic Shaving Cream. The natural fibres of the badger hair gently exfoliate the skin and prepare the bristles for a closer, smoother shave.

For convenient storage and display, our set also comes with a Chrome Stand, designed to keep the brush and razor in pristine condition as they naturally dry after use. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of Free Shipping with your purchase.

Rest assured, the Classic Swagger & Jacks Double-edged Safety Razor comes with a single premium blade, and replacement blades can be easily sourced from leading Chemists, Supermarkets, and Online Stockists.


Based on 2 reviews

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