Shaving Advice

  • Its all in the Flow !

    Following the direction of the beard growth, keep your razor wet with hot water and using smooth, even strokes use your spare hand to stretch and flatten the skin to enable the blade to flow effortlessly over the skin. The preparation of the skin will ensure that the shaving oil, applied beneath the shaving cream, and the rich creamy shaving lather will prevent razor burn and skin irritation to achieve the perfect shave.

    When finished rinse with cool water, blot dry and then apply your Swagger & Jacks Face Moisturiser to hydrate the skin and leave a matt oil free finish

  • Preparing the Skin is the key to the Perfect Shave

    The preparation of the skin is the key to the perfect shave, using plenty of hot water to open the pores of the skin and a quality shaving brush, mix the shaving cream to create a rich creamy lather. Then using the shaving brush, lightly exfoliate the skin by rotating the brush in a circular motion to lift the whiskers in preparation for the shave.  

    Swagger & Jacks Shaving Oils and Shave Cream are the perfect accompaniment to recreate a Barbershop shave at home.