Benefits of Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream is for the luxury of a traditional wet shave, formulated to create a rich and creamy shaving lather using hot water and mixed with a brush. The cream produces a protective barrier over the skin, preventing razor burn, nicks and ingrown hairs.

Wet a shaving brush with hot water and using circular motions mix in a shaving bowl to create a rich creamy lather, apply to wet skin to shave. 

Following the direction of the beard growth, keep your razor wet with hot water and using smooth, even strokes use your spare hand to stretch and flatten the skin to enable the blade to flow effortlessly over the skin.

For sensitive skin, preparation with a pre shaving oil, applied beneath the shaving cream lather will prevent razor burn and skin irritation to achieve the perfect shave.

For best results finish with an application of Face Moisturiser as a post-shave treatment to soothe any skin irritation and combat sensitivity 

Key Benefits
* Rich Creamy Lather 
* Protective Shave Barrier
* Formulated for Sensitive Skin
* Prevents Razor Burn
* Prevents Ingrowing Whiskers


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