Moonrakers 1933 Austin Seven Van

Our first ever car in the barbershop and probably the last ( it really wasn't easy to get in ). A fantastic time piece from an era of Hardship and economic down turn . Built from 1923 - 1939 The Austin Seven was a workhorse for the country that was rebuilding from WW1, it also survived the largest economic down turn in history the great depression. 

This wonderful little van owned and cherished by Moonraker Motorcycles Owner Paul used the Austin as family fun vehicle while his kids were growing up , enjoying the weekend sun at the coast and picnics in the forest, it would go everywhere. Nicked named "Apple" by his family the Austin has been loved and enjoyed and is now pride of place in Paul's Garage until it was driven from his home to the Barbershop for all of Norwich to enjoy. We can't thank Paul enough for going through the all the effort of preparing Apple to be displayed in the Barbershop window.

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