Bimota Tesi H2

The TESI H2 marks the revival and new beginning of the historical motorcycle manufacturer Bimota, Italy’s most traditional and admired motorcycle brand.This is an exclusive motorcycle for the discerning rider who appreciates an immersive riding experience. No other motorcycle combines sublime Japanese power and performance with unique Italian creativity and craftsmanship to deliver a motorcycle you will never forget.

Pierluigi Marconi developed the hub-centre design in 1982 as a design thesis (hence the name, TESI is Italian for Thesis). The design was based on the Difazio hub-centre assembly, which uses a floating axle riding through a kingpin inside an oversized front hub.

Handcrafted in Italy, with attention paid to the smallest detail and design. The TESI H2 is also currently the fastest bike in production across the globe.

Signature Moto / Bimota UK located locally to the Barbershop supplied us with the only TESI H2 in England, we enjoyed having number 6 out of 250 on display in the Barbershop.


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