How to Apply Beard Oil


Our Beard Oils have a rich nourishing blend of ingredients to easily absorb into the whiskers, and the skin at the base of the beard, to hydrate and alleviate the itching sensation of the bristles.

It is best to apply the Beard Oil after the whiskers have been cleansed with a Beard specific Shampoo and the Beard is still damp, at this stage the cuticle layers of the whiskers are raised and open, to immediately absorb the oil.


You only need a small quantity of Beard Oil for it to soften and style your beard. Our Beard oils come in a handy pump more messing around with bottles and droppers.

It is better to reapply and build the product up in layers, than to flood the whiskers with oil allowing the rich formulation to absorb into the whiskers. Make a note of the number of pumps you need for the perfect application, using the measured dose of the pump applicator bottle.


Warm the Beard Oil in your hands and work into the whiskers and skin at the base of the beard to hydrate and alleviate the itching sensation of the bristles, providing a natural hold to the style.

Using a Beard Brush groom and style the whiskers into position for a natural hold to the style. As the Beard gets longer it may become unruly and the style require a bit more hold, which is when you will move on to using a Beard Balm styling product 

Remember when initially growing your beard the oil will help to alleviate the itchy sensation of the coarse whiskers against the skin, so persevere and a perfect Man Mane is only weeks away



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