How to Apply Beard Balm


Beard Balm is the natural progression from Beard Oil for when the whiskers require a stronger level of hold to maintain the beard style, and more hydration to condition and soften the whiskers

Our Beard Balms are formulated with Coco Butter, Babussu Oil and Jojoba Oil to deeply nourish, repair and tame the bristles whilst providing hold and style for shaping fuller beards.


You only need a small quantity of Beard Balm for it to work its magic. Open the tin, and scrape a small amount from the surface, about the size a fingernail.

You'll notice Beard Balm feels quite solid when it's first out of the tin...this is the beeswax which requires heat to activate and soften the product


Take a fingernail sized piece of Beard Balm and place in the palm of your hand.

In order for the ingredients to work their magic on your beard, Beard Balm needs to be warmed.  The easiest way to do this, is to rub it together in your hands or with the addition of a hairdryer or simply sit the tin on the radiator and your are always good to go 


Gently rub your hands together. You'll start to feel the beard balm soften in the heat of your hands. This mixes and activates the ingredients, and releases the fragrance of the Premium Cologne blended into the Premium Balm. 

Keep rubbing your hands together until the balm has melted, then apply evenly to your beard to style and hydrate the whiskers.

Using a Beard Brush groom and style your whiskers into place allowing the product to cool into position to achieve your perfect style



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