Benefits of Beard Oil

Beard Oil is a mixture of carrier and essential oils, but with a higher level of nourishment than Beard Moisturiser coming from the concentrated oil rich formulation to keep your whiskers soft and healthy, while adding shine 

Our Beard Oil is a unique blend developed by our Master Barbers for use in our Barbershop. It is a rich nourishing blend easily absorbed into the whiskers, and the skin at the base of the beard, to hydrate and alleviate the itching sensation of the bristles. Apply to a damp beard for a healthy natural shine, fragranced with light cologne to keep the beard smelling fresh and clean.

Key Benefits

  • Beard Oil Softens the coarse texture of the whiskers
  • Eliminates the itching sensation from the coarse whiskers
  • Rich Nourishing Formulation to hydrate skin at the base of the Beard
  • Natural Shine Finish to create a healthy finish to the whiskers
  • Suitable for All Beard Types


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