Benefits of Beard Moisturiser

Beard Moisturiser will soften and moisturise coarse bristles and treat the skin at the base of the beard, leaving whiskers instantly soft and smooth. An alternative to Beard Oil if you are looking for a lighter weight product that is matt in appearance with a non greasy formulation. 

Our Beard Moisturiser is a unique blend developed by our Master Barbers for use in our Barbershop. It has a light translucent non greasy formulation easily absorbed into the whiskers, to hydrate and alleviate the itching sensation of the bristles. Apply to a dry beard for a natural non-shiny finish with light fragrant cologne to keep the beard smelling fresh and clean.

Key Benefits

  • Non-oily Beard softener
  • Eliminates itching sensation 
  • Lighter alternative to Beard Oil
  • Natural No-shine finish
  • Suitable for all Beard types particularly those with oily skin


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