Wentworth Moto Sling Helmet Carry Strap


It feels like we’ve been searching for an eternity for a dignified way of carrying our lid when we’ve hopped off the bike, to no avail - until now. Finally, there is a truly innovative and stylish solution to an issue that’s been around since people have been on two wheels. 

Crafted from a premium 8oz wet-waxed cotton that mirrors the material found on British heritage motorcycle jackets so it won’t look out of place with your retro style, and will last for years to come. The strap features 16oz shoulder and tongue pads for comfort and scratch protection for your helmet, finished with a luxury corduroy backing and diamond quilt stitching for that premium edge.

The Sling is an incredibly durable, rugged, yet refined bit of kit. Quad-stitching throughout ensures the strap itself is as strong as they come, and the easy-use buckle is a real work of art. Designed to be operated with gloves on, it’s a heavy-duty clip that can withstand forces over 25kg, so it will never just pop open while riding with a passengers helmet, if it gets caught on a doorway, or if someone tries to snatch it from you. Furthermore, it’s designed so that it will open in the event of an accident for rider safety. The real beauty is that it can attach universally to any helmet on the market, either through the chinbar, or through the chinstrap.

The length is adjustable, so it’s suitable for all riders and folds up easily to chuck in a pocket or bag when not in use. The Wentworth Sling truly makes helmet transportation so simple - no need to fret about how to carry your pillion’s lid, or where to awkwardly balance your helmet once you enter a shop. A luxury solution to a problem we’ve all encountered as riders.

  • Black, Brown, or Olive
  • Innovative helmet carrying strap
  • Premium 8oz Wet Waxed cotton construction - classic British motorcycle style
  • 16oz luxury corduroy-backed shoulder and tongue pads
  • Quad-stitched for strength and durability
  • Heavy-duty quick-release buckle, rated to forces over 25kg
  • Easy to operate with gloves on
  • Designed to open in the event of an accident for rider safety
  • Attaches to ANY helmet via chinbar or chinstrap
  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to stash in a pocket or bag

Please allow 1-2 weeks shipping time for this item.

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