Moustache Wax + Kent Handmade Moustache Styling Comb

£18.00 £22.00

Individually worth £22.00, for only £18.00 saving you £4.00 plus FREE UK Shipping! 


  • Strong Hold to Shape and Style
  • Dries Clear Without Residue
  • Rich Water Soluble Formulation
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Paraben Free, Sulphate Free and Cruelty Free Formulation
  • Sandalwood Fragrance
  • For All Whisker Lengths


  • Rounded teeth to ensure smooth and comfortable whisker grooming
  • Prevents scratching or damaging the skin
  • Suitable to use for wet or dry whiskers styling
  • Perfect for Beard & Moustache Styling 

Get the perfect Moustache Styling Set with our Moustache Wax and Kent Handmade Styling Comb. The Moustache Wax features a strong hold, water-soluble formulation blended with natural Beeswax, moisturisers and fragrant Sandalwood cologne to shape and style your moustache, while the Kent Handmade Styling Comb features rounded teeth that prevent scratching or damaging your skin, making it suitable for both wet or dry whisker styling.

Individually, these items are worth £21.00, but get them now for only £18.00 and save £3.00 plus enjoy FREE UK Shipping!  Don't miss this opportunity to get the perfect Moustache Styling Set at this special price!

INGREDIENTS: Beeswax (Cera Alba), Lanolin, Sandalwood.

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