Ear Candling Treatments use specialist candles designed to be inserted into the ear and the other end lit on fire. The warm heat transfers down the cone into the ear canal softening the built-up of earwax. A gentle vacuum is created by the candle and the excess wax is gently drawn into the cone. These are the many benefits of Ear Candling Treatments which include:

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate Excess Earwax
    Earwax is a natural substance produced in the ears to help keep them clean and healthy, but from time to time can become congested or blocked, removing excess wax will lead to better hearing, improved balance and helps with sinus pain and pressure by gently removing any built-up wax.

  • Improve Hearing
    Many people report an improvement in their hearing after ear candling. The process of irrigating and cleansing the Eustachian tubes of the inner ear to help release the pressure behind it, allows for better hearing and improved balance.

  • Reduce Pain from Headaches
    Ear candling can help reduce pain from pressure headaches. The gentle suction and warmth helps to release pressure on the blood vessels in the ear canal and sinuses, which allows for relief from tension headaches.

  • Help with Vertigo and Nausea
    Ear candling can be effective for treating the symptoms associated with motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea. It helps by clearing the ear canal of any excess wax that may be causing fluid build-up or pressure around your inner ears.

  • Aid with Sinus Infections and Colds
    Ear candling can help with sinus infections and colds by clearing the ears of excess wax. This allows for your body to fight off infection naturally, preventing a buildup of mucus in the ears which can cause pressure and pain.

  • Helps with Relaxation & Overall Wellbeing
    Many people report feeling more relaxed after ear candling. The process of ear candling can reduce stress and anxiety by clearing the ears and sinuses, which can allow for improved breathing and improve your quality of sleep

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