Beard Oil vs Beard Moisturiser: How do I Decide ?

Men with beards know that taking care of facial hair is no small task. Regular trims at the barbershop are important, but it's also essential to choose the right products for at-home care to keep the beard looking and feeling healthy. Beard oil has been the go-to product for a long time, but for newly-bearded men, it can be challenging to know which care product to choose.

While beard oil is great for nourishing brittle and dry hair, it may leave the skin looking overly shiny, especially if the beard has grown to a medium length. This is because the oil coats the hair, remaining on the surface and not fully absorbing, resulting in a slightly glistening beard. However, if you prefer the shiny look, go easy on the amount of oil applied.

Our Beard Moisturiser is a unique product that contains a nourishing formula mixed with a cream base. Unlike oil, it is specifically designed to penetrate and absorb into facial hairs, softening them without coating them. Any residue can also be massaged into the skin without leaving it feeling oily. This is a great option for men with naturally oily skin who find that beard oils are too greasy.

Instead of committing to just one beard product, many of our bearded clients use a combination of both Beard Oil and Moisturiser. Applying oil at night and moisturiser during the day provides the benefits of both nurturing products. Oil can coat the hair at night without worrying about a shiny surface, while the daily application of moisturiser leaves the hair appearing natural and smooth. 



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